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September 29, 2022

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Robert Briese

Certified LeSS Practitioner - A course for creating agile organizations with Robert Briese

Certified Less Practitioner - Ein Kurs zur kreierurung agiler Organisationen mit Robert Briese

"Dont do agile, be agile"

Large-Scale Scrum or LeSS continues the major discoveries that are transforming the world of management by showing how to implement Agile and Scrum at scale. LeSS shows how to handle large and complex development. Self-managed teams are not just tiny curiosities. They can manage vast international operations of great technical complexity. The practices are not only scalable, unlike bureaucracy, they are scalable without sclerosis.

Less continues the process of fundamentally reinventing management by incorporating the hard-won lessons of experience over more than a decade in scaling the management methods of Agile and Scrum. It shows how to cope with immense complexity by creating simplicity.

LeSS focuses on the minimal essence required when scaling, including continuous attention to technical excellence, and a mindest of continuous experimentation. It involves forever trying new experiments in an effort to improve. Like Scrum itself, LeSS strives for a balance between abstract principled and concrete practices.

And like Scrum, LeSS is not a process or a technique for building products. Rather, it is a framework within which processes and techniques can be adapted to meet the needs of the particular situation. It aims to make clear how product management and development practices can enable continuous improvement that adds value to customers.

Rather than providing fixed answers, LeSS provides the starting point for understanding and adopting its deeper principles. Instead of asking "How can we do Agile at scale in our complex hierarchical bureaucracy?" it asks a different and deeper questions, "How can we simplify the organization, and be Agile?"

LeSS strives to achieve this balance for larger product groups. It adds more concrete structure to Scrum, while maintaining radical transparency and emphasizing the inspect-and-adapt cycle so that groups can continuously improve their own ways of working. It addresses the basic question: How do we take what works really well at the individual team level and make that happen at a much wider level in the organization?

Robert Briese

Robert is the CEO of Lean Sherpas and one of 25 certified LeSS Trainers globally and one of the few with hands-on experience in LeSS and LeSS Huge. As a change agent for 15+ years, consulting and coaching, he has worked with over 30 companies, including DAX-listed global brands such as Adidas, BMW, BP, Dr. Oetker, Henkel, Hilti, Hugo Boss, SAP, Volkswagen, and ZF.

From 2015 to 2016 he led a LeSS adoption at a Global Player in the Software Industry, scaling development from 3 to 7 teams and coaching the development and the management team on how to lead a scaled agile organization. In 2018 he contributed to significant improvements in product delivery at one of the biggest LeSS Huge adoptions in the world at BMW AG. Working with over 30 teams, including large groups of over 400 employees, he led them to deliver bi-weekly product increments consisting of hardware and software.

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