Lean Sherpas - Multiple Team Agility.

What if you could scale your business
without it becoming a bureaucratic monster?

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Starting Jan 7, 2021 to Feb 12, 2021...
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Now I know exactly what questions to ask my clients when it comes to scaling agile. I also know that there is no silver bullet and that things take time. I am more confident telling that to my clients as well” - Freelance Agile Coach
“Before, I was very dogmatic about frameworks because I didn’t understand their internal logic. Now it feels very clear to me. I love how the course teaches self organization by using it in its own design“  -Agile coach
This course taught me that the agile principles must scale first, not the practices and frameworks. Now I feel I could even create my own framework” - Enterprise Agile Coach


This online, social, interactive, self-organized course will teach you how to understand the agile principles deeply and apply them in a multiple teams context, so that the result is an agile system rather than the juxtaposition of teams doing agile.

During the course you practice the coaching tools that you will use later with your clients. The learning is reinforced by a learning buddy system, study circles, peer reviews, daily cohorts and final assignements. Upon completion you are awarded the Scaling Sherpa certification.

 When and where?

The course is online.

The whole program must be completed within a time box of 5 weeks.

It requires an average of 2h of work per (work) a day, including the time spent in cohorts.

 Who is this for?

You are …

… an agile coach, scrum master, agile consultant
… leading or part of agile transformation team
… the head of an IT or engineering department who needs to lead an agile transformation

Your organization…

… has an agile mindset and you are afraid that it might get lost during scaling
… has a very classical siloed / matrix-like structure and want to regain its ability

You want to…

… lead confidently coaching conversations on agile scaling with your organization/clients without having to sell a specific framework
… increase your confidence when working on topics related to multi team agility
… to assess different agile frameworks by yourself without having to rely on consultants
… complement or prepare for a Certified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Practitioner course or else

 Certification and requirements

The “Scaling Sherpa” certificate
Upon completion of the you will be awareded the certification “Scaling Sherpa”:

- which proves your ability to understand and apply agile principles at scale.
- which makes you are a competent coach to lead coaching sessions, workshops and trainings on scaling  

To graduate you must fulfill following criteria:

  Complete all modules
  Participate in at least 4 cohorts
  Submit 7 individual/group mini-assignments
  Submit 1 final assigment (you get audio feedback from a Lean Sherpas trainer)

 Key features

  Self-paced but time boxed
  Self-organized, with learning buddy, study groups and cohorts
  Interactive online learning center with interaction with other students and teachers
  Daily cohort from 8:30 - 9:00 for networking & coworking
  Virtual learning lounge accessible 7/24 to all studenst
  Videos, quizzes, assignements to post and review
  certificate & badge → “Scaling Sherpas”

 Modules and content

Tools you will practice
- Draw your company
- Be agile vs doing agile
- SociogramIshikawa diagram
- Causal loop diagram
- Impact mapping“From output to outcome”
- Feature Team Adoption map

What you will take home
- Your own agile assement checklist
- Your own agile coaching question list
- Your own agile coaching workshop directory

 Here you find a detailed list of the different modules

Pre Enrollment
Presentation of the online school (miro / spatial chat / FAQ / learning center)
- Introduce yourself in the forum & comment on two other person’s introduction
- Watch Yves Morieux‘s Video and take notes

Module - Warm up and socializing (max 3 days)
- Cohort: impromptu networking & post results in the learning platform (what did you like most about the video?)
- Mission: find your buddy/tribe (browse presentations and make an appointment in the Lounge)
- Mapping out the terrain: hierarchies

Module - Mapping out the Terrain
- draw you organigram
- impact mapping
- agile knowledge assessment

Module - don‘t scale shit
- common misconceptions about scaling agile
- agile anti patternsthe agile values and principles applied
- the meaning of iterative

Module - scale the principles, not the practices
feature teams
- scaling the principles

Module - introduction to large scale scrum

Course MockUp.
Starting Jan 7, 2021 to Feb 12, 2021
Save My Spot and Enroll Now!
Join the Class for $ 19.95 / weekday and pay as you go.

Who is Lean Sherpas?

Lean Sherpas is one of the only 10 LeSS (large Scale Scrum) coaching companies in the whole world.

Like the Sherpas who help Himalayan climbers during their quest by providing deep knowledge and an understanding of the terrain, routes and weather conditions, all of which maximize the chances of reaching the summit, our coaches advise, enable and assist our clients who are on missions of their own.

The teams and organizations we work with, just like the expeditions, must put in the effort, take on challenges and face the risks involved in reaching their goal. Our purpose is to assist them on their journey towards maximum results.

In order to achieve higher levels of productivity, our clients aim to sustainably and quickly deliver value and innovation by creating learning organizations. With our deep knowledge of lean and agile thinking and organizational tools, we provide guidance and support to reach higher heights.


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*The Multi-Team Agility course is $19.95 / weekday. This results in a maximum of $99.75 per week. To complete and graduate from the course, you must complete the assignments and attend the course for the entire 5 week period, which will cost you a total of $498.75. You can cancel your payment and access to the course at any time - to do so, contact support here.

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