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February 21, 2022

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Konstantin Ribel

LeSS Huge at BMW

LeSS Huge bei BMW

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Konstantin Ribel and Craig Larman discuss how BMW's driverless driving team was built based on LeSS Huge, and the successes and problems encountered along the way.

About the conference

LeSS attempts to define what is just necessary for large-scale development. It avoids adding additional roles, artifacts, or processes, recognizing the drawbacks of these additions.

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Konstantin Ribel

Konstantin Ribel is a Scrum Master – the first fomenter, or the lone nut, of the LeSS Huge adoption at BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division.

Konstantin worked in various engineering fields such as complex hardware design, embedded SW development and project management in United Kingdom and Germany.

He is convinced that today’s organizations need a radical structural change to shift mindsets, and unleash collective intelligence. His vision is to foster organizations where human intelligence and efforts are highly respected.

Strong desire to learn and question the status quo helped him in bringing LeSS Huge to BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division.

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