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Published on 
September 21, 2021
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Published by 
Daniel Räder & Robert Briese
UA056 - Scrum skalieren mit Large-Scale Scrum Unboxing Agile

Enjoy this great podcast by Robert Briese and Daniel Räder from Unboxing Agile! 🎶 You can listen to it anywhere you can find podcasts. 🌐 Click on here to find it on our website and go from beginner to winner and get one step closer to becoming "scaled agile" pro

Published on 
December 13, 2021
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Published by 
Robert Briese
Experiences with Remote Review Bazaar in LeSS

The review bazaar brings developers and customers together to experience the most important part of any sprint review, which is learning about the critical aspects of the product from the customer's perspective and how the product should evolve in the future.

Published on 
July 22, 2021
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Published by 
Robert Briese
Why you can’t compare LeSS to any scaling Framework like SAFe

In this article, Robert clarify's why LeSS shouldn’t be seen as a scaling framework and why it can’t be compared to any other scaling framework. LeSS has a fundamentally different approach. Instead of adding complexity, it aims to remove it.

Who We Are

Like the Sherpas who help Himalayan climbers during their quest by providing deep knowledge and an understanding of the terrain, routes and weather conditions, all of which maximize the chances of reaching the summit, our coaches advise, enable and assist our clients who are on missions of their own.

The teams and organizations we work with, just like the expeditions, must put in the effort, take on challenges and face the risks involved in reaching their goal. Our purpose is to assist them on their journey towards maximum results.

In order to achieve higher levels of productivity, our clients aim to sustainably and quickly deliver value and innovation by creating learning organizations. With our deep knowledge of lean and agile thinking and organizational tools, we provide guidance and support to reach higher heights.

Defnitley an Image of mountains with a way to high resolution.

How we work

We have a comprehensive and proven approach to guiding organizations and individuals to achieving three results: stronger performance, more productive working relationships, and greater individual well-being.


Our coaching approach rests on two pillars: Systems Thinking and Servant Leadership. Systems Thinking is a conceptual framework, a body of knowledge and a set of thinking tools to help recognize system dynamics, mental models and uncover local optimizations over system optimizations.


Instead of seeing problems as caused by someone or something “out there” and solely reacting to these, it helps to see the bigger picture and how our own actions create the problems we experience. This creates a mindset shift that makes up the core of a learning organization.


We believe that Servant Leadership in combination with Skilled Facilitation is key to introducing a new way of thinking and operating in an enterprise. With our coaching services, we empower both formal and informal leaders, so that, through their own behavior, they help their team evolve into a performing unit that meets the expectations of its clients, becomes better over time, and contributes positively to the personal learning and well-being of its members.


Our coaches do this by creating and maintaining the conditions that allow individuals to move into the desired direction with clarity, a good structure, an enabling context, and competent coaching. On top of that, our coaches apply a compassionate method for more effective team facilitation based on the Mutual Learning approach.